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Don't we all want to be happy?

I absolutely hate selfish people, like people who post on here that they want to sleep with someone and don't care that they are married. Nobody ever thinks about what they may be doing to someone else. They just want to be happy.

I love my boyfriends mom but sometimes I feel like she's stepping my toes by doing way to much for him. I could never tell him this.

My boyfriend is depressed and even though I know it's not my fault I feel like I caused it. I don't see how anyone could be happy with me if they aren't even happy with themselves.

Sometimes I would like to just pick up and start my life all over again. Move away and not tell anyone from my past where I am. I hate that I feel that way because I know i'd just be taking the easy way out.

When I was young my uncle used to try to touch me and one time when I was sitting on his lap he got off over it. (he's considered mentally slow but only slightly) I've never told my family or anyone else about. Just thinking about it disgusts me. But I realize a lot of people had a lot worse things happen to them.

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