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End of the road?

1. My Wife and I had a big arguement like 4 weeks ago and she decided to leave me. I miss her so much, but there's no way we can communicate. She don't understand me.

2. I think about her all the time, especially when I'm about to go to sleep. I hope she thinks about me too, because I love her so much, but everything just went down the hill.

3.I feel like I can't do anything about it because she said that she don't want me anymore, that she hates me. What can I do? I want her back in my life.

4. Its gonna be hard for me to start all over again with a new Girl, because I'm so used to my Wife. And right now I'm not feeling like starting over. I want HER, forver !

5. I remember everything we had like if it was yesterday ; Baby I want you back soon, and I'm sorry for everything. I want to start all over again. I love you ; I know she's reading this because she read all the posts all the time.

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