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Uncertainty vs. More of the Same

#1 I think my husband is back to his old ways n fucking someone else last time this shit happened 2 of the girls were my childhood friends girlfriends one day I bumped in to one of the guys exchanged # talked n made plans to fuck n get them back I wanted to bad but 4 some reason couldn't now I wish I did
#2 at least every day I think about my master plan of ending it all but when it comes down to it I think it b my luck 2 live n b a vegetable forever
#3 I want a divorce but never go through with it cause I don't know what life will bring next
#4 I don't like sex because I never had n orgasm funny thing is my husband thinks because his Dick is big he is God in bed n after 9yrs doesn't have a clue dumb ass
#5 I can't wait 2 be free n just say fuck the world

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