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Friday, June 4, 2010

Glad she's not my sister

1. I fucked my girlfriends mum up the arse a few yrs ago whilst my girlfriend was showering for a night out and I didn't have a chance to wash before my girlfriend wanted to blow me off.
2.let my sister in law lick my arse whilst my wife was in bed ill.
3.paid my sister in law to fuck her 18 yr old babysitter up her arse with a 12 inch strap on dildo while she swollowed my cock.
4. I want to leave my wife for a 23yr old nympho I'm 45.
5.just got my sister in law to be gang banged by me and 4 mates.

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  1. So wtf are you waiting on? Leave her ass. I am sure she would rather you leave her than keep fucking everyone in her family. She has a jacked up family if they would do that to her anyways. Where do you live in the backwoods of the backwoods where there is only one family? Are you really your wife's husband and brother?


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