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Personal responsibility is a total drag

* I was excited about coming to work early tonight cause I was planning to visit with someone.  Once I got to work he wasn't even here.  I was kinda bummed.
* I was excited about my boyfriend leaving so I could go to work early and see this other guy.  I don't want to leave my boyfriend for him.  I just want to fuck him once.
* I have thought about this guy alot over the past several days. I just want to be with him.
* I talked to my ex again today.  It's a bummer conversation so it's not like I want to be back with him.  I really just wish he would stop calling me.
* I am questioning myself about what I want to do in life.  Wow, it's tough making grown up decisions.  I figured this out 10 years ago, but haven't been able to make anything easier.  It seems as if life only gets harder every day.  When will I get a break?

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