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Good riddance

1:- Im in love with someone who will never love me back, can never love me back as his life runs around drink and drugs.

2:- Im the stupid person that has suported his habit for the past year, even if it meant at times my son and I going without the things we want/need.

3:- I told him I was pregnant 4weeks ago and I havent seen him since, this has been extrmely hard to come to terms with after seeing him every single day for a year

4:- I found number 3 so hard to deal with I even considered aborting my unborn baby to get him back. I know now that was a silly thought and am now happy and content with my pregnancy and at the thought of being a single mum to 2 kids.

5:- Ive made a solomn promise to myself to fulfill all my dreams and make my kids proud of me. This bloke told me Id be a single mum in a shabby council house forever, wrong, Im doing a criminology degree to work with the police. Im going to be someone, my kids are going to proud of me and they are going to have everything they need. I dont need him.

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  1. Good for you! I hope you succeed with fulfilling your dreams.


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