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A great marriage

1.i was raped by my older brother,my guy cousin molested me even my closet girl cousin touched me i was too young to know what it all when i was 14yrs old i tried to molest my lil nephew out of weird disgusting feelings i had..i now know how a sick personmind works..good thing i did not go all the way wif my sick mind at the time. husband cheated on me with my niece so to pleased him and to see how i would react i agreed to joint in, i cried andbeg him to stop so he did after he came on her,so im still with him and when we do have sex it turns me on when he talks about it how nasty i am and how he likes with me and my niece fuckin him.
3.i have slept with guys under the age of 22 and it feels so good knowing that i am doing it to get back at my husband for fucking me over and of course he has no ideas im doing that i really do enjoy it very much.
4.i lied to my husband about being pregnant nad having several miscarriage all because i wanted attention so he thinks we had twins wtf im such a fucking good lier too.
5.i hate my niece to death when shes around because she gives me that look like she can fuck my husband when ever she feels like it, so my plan is to fuck with who ever shes dating just to get revenge we are only 3 yrs apart of age diffences..fuck i hate her

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