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A great one night stand

1. I don't know if I'm a lesbian anymore. I can't figure out if I'm straight, gay, or bicurious! Lately I have been wanting to ride a dick. None of my friends know and not even my family...maybe I'm confused.
2. I hate sleep. I hate to fall asleep because I dream all the time. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the dreams weren't premonitions. Lately though I have begun to have Deja vu in my dreams, talk in my sleep, and I think I sleepwalk. I feel like I may be going crazy or maybe it's just the lack of sleep.
3. I dnt trust anyone. Not even those I call friends..everyone is a snake and if they aren't it's usually a user or victimizer.. Who the hell knows all I know is I wouldn't trust any of these people with my life!
4. I use to be a cheater!! I would cheat on every girl, but none of them suspected because I have an innocent look to my face. I know how to lie with the best of them! I even cheated on My true love I couldn't help it. I did an experiment to find out if you can make a relationship work without sex... Turns out you can if you cheat. But it all fell apart little by little when I stopped and she started to cheat on me. Girls from my past dnt trust me. They just want to screw me and leave. Now that I'm older.. It hurts to know I'm just a lay. I am my own worst enemy!
5. I have had sex with friends and I know it's bad because off many reasons for your future..! But I still want to fuck my friends, especially this one I have been trying to get at for a while! She has this exotic name..! Totally love it when she speaks Spanish! I dnt think I want her because of her body but because she has attitude! Everyone knows the bitch with an attitude is a great one night stand! Only problem is she has fucked up taste in girls! Literally her exs are either fat, have fucked up teeth, or they just aren't attractive! There is only one hottie she has been with our friend DS! I'm just kind of scared if I fuck her if she will hit me? She is, stabs, slap, punch, kick and etc to girls she fucks with..! Go figure!

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