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I usually post on the hour

I suffer with trichotillomania,untill now nobody knew,though my bf sees bald patches he has no idea about the disease,no idea about any proper name for it,he just thinks I'm weird.

My dude and I are getting married in october, my future mother in law has already called my mother and told her that she's going to get stoned out of her mind before the wedding so she won't have to deal with her ex and his new wife of 19 years. So my dude and I are plotting our wedding without her being there or knowing about it (his idea). I dis like herrrrr sooo much!

My sister swears our dad molested her when we were younger. I don't believe her and even though our parents are divorced neither does our mom (who wants to get back together with my dad but can't because my sister would find out she was lying)

I can't stand when my dude talks about wanting to better our life by going back to school or getting a better job,when he never does.instead he let's our managers and co workers run all over him and them I have to become the bad guy and turn into a monster to protect him. So in our relationship I'm the man and well he's,he's on the same level with our daughter.crys when someone looks at her wrong.

I'm addicted to 5 secrets,I check this site every half hour for new post.and I get sad when there's not any new ones.....

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