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It's all in your mind

1. I feel guilty about missing my grandma's 85th birthday party this weekend. It's supposedly because of my erratic work schedule and lack of money, but it's really because I can't stand my aunt--who thinks she knows everything, but doesn't have a clue what she's talking about--and would end up being a real bitch over dinner if she spoke to me (and I'm sure she would). I really hate ignorant people.

2. I failed to wish my mom a happy mother's day this year. I'm not a bad daughter, I just hate the obligation of made-up holidays. I spoil her to death on her birthday, and that way she doesn't have to share her special day with any of the other moms.

3. Excepting my mom, I feel like my family just keeps giving me more and more reasons to associate with them less and less.

4. I hate fingering myself. It's too messy. I'd rather get off from mental stimulation. This site is good mental fodder.

5. I waste money on horribly stupid internet games even though I know I shouldn't.

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