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Too much love

1. I dont hate people who are, but i think being bi/gay/lesbian is wrong, but i try not to judge them.

2. I think i am in love with two different guys. I have gone out with both, and i am currently going out with one of them now. I just wish i could have them both at the same time so bad and i often cry myself to sleep because of it.

3. I want to tell my bf that i love him but i dont want him to leave me if he isnt ready to say the same thing back to me. We've been through so much together and now that i have him i'm not sure wat i could do without him. This is the second time I've gone out with him.

4. I hate myself. I feel i have no value in this world. I'm not smart, pretty, or talented. A lot of people say otherwise, but i dont believe them. I'm about 5ft 4in. with black hair and brown eyes, and i only weigh 110 pounds.

5. I sometimes wish that guys would stop telling me that they love me. Its too much for me and i try to tell them that but they still press on.

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