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Large and in charge

1. I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago. 3 days after I dumped him I had sex with two guys he works with...seperate times. We got back together 3 weeks later. He still doesn't know.
2. I think my step dad is a pervert. When I was growing up he would pick me up from behind and touch my pussy but would try to be slick about it. I was 12. He wasn't that slick.
3. I blamed my mom for my dad's death. He died of liver failure. But I think he drank because of her. She drinks now because of my stepdad.
4. My sexually, physically, mentally/emotionally abusive exhusband is in jail. I hope he gets raped in the ass..looks for revenge..gets in a fight and accidentally kills someone so he rots in jail forever..or even better gets death penalty.
5. I love to get spanked. To the point I'm almost in tears. I love it when my boyfriend takes took him long enough.

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