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Live and let live

I hate wen ppl say some1 is acting "black" or any other race cuz dey basically admitting dey stereotype ppl. I personally believe no1 acts like a certain race dey just tryin to express themselves ( not all black ppl join gangs and rob ppl, if u wanna get technical dey Irish and Italians made gangs and rob ppl in the early 1900's)

I also hate fiends, not necessarly talkin bout ppl who do drugs, but ppl who will do anything and everything for thier own selfish purpose just so dey can feel happy for 5 min

I hate ppl that get mad at ppl that deserve stuff. Dey worked mad hard while u did nothin and u wanna hate cuz dey have something better? Grow up

I hate ppl that don't get checked for std's
nasty ass basterds hope u die from rotting from the inside

what I hate the most is tough guys who have to fight to get thier point across. It basically shows u have no brain to pursuade others to do wat u want. I know alot of ppl like dis and it's sad cuz at the end they end up wit no friends or money cuz nobody wants to deal with them

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