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A violent beginning

I Thinks anybody who can rape or mess with a child should have their legs and arms cut of little by little and then left to the parents to do wtf they want to them then left in a field to get some sick infection eaten by bugs and animals then bleed til they die!yes,sick and twisted but it kills me to think of people who do that to children!

I have always been the good girl and had a dick head for a boyfriend so before we broke up I borrowed money from him to buy "gas" but I really bought condoms to fuck my co worker he never found out!

I loooooooove sex,,loooove givin oral! I'm a very sexual person,,I'm very open about sex and can't stand people who are shy about it or shy about their bodys!

I have had 2 one night stands but they were people I knew for years and it kinda just happened but secretly I wanna hook up with somebody very random like maybe driving down the interstate and hook up with somebody at a rest stop!

Wants to watch my boyfriend fuck one of my friends a threesome would be hottt

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