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Maybe they ARE being themselves

1) I find it disgusting that women fantasize about being raped. Being raped is an emotionally scarring experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
2) I really find it absurd when white people act and dress “gangsta.” I live in rural Kentucky--there ain’t no gangstas here, sorry to tell you, but I see white folks pretending to be black every day. These folks haven’t ever been anywhere near a ghetto or a gang. Just be yourself and quit pretending to be something you aren’t. At least the rednecks are being true to themselves.
3) I consider myself more intelligent than the average person, but I normally don’t advertise the fact. Displaying your intelligence in rural Kentucky will get you hated, more than anything. People underestimate me quite often.
4) I have a college degree but I don’t have a job. I owe a lot of money to student loan people and I can’t pay it back. I want to do something I love for a living. I am a stay-at-home-mom now and I love that. Too bad it doesn’t pay.
5) I feel that people are far too sensitive about trivial things. If you don’t like something on tv, change the channel instead of forming a committee to bitch about it. If you feel that someone’s words are inappropriate, walk away. I hate drama and avoid it at all costs. I give people what they want so they’ll go away and leave me alone. I’m okay with that. I’ll agree with you just to get you the hell out of my face.

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