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Women get sexually frustrated too

1. I am in bed right now at this moment next to my boyfriend. He won't fuck me. It. Mmakes me so mad that I could just cry. I am not ugly by any means at all.. I mea for good lord sakes all his friends and family try to get at me. I just don't understand how he can resist me.
2. I feel like a failure when I can't get him to sleep with me. I am used to having things my way.
3. I feel like shoving my finger in his ass just to watch him squeal like a lil bitch. Only because I know he will hit me if I do it. I want to at least feel someting from him if he won't screw me.
4. My boyfriend treats me like shit. I'm just too scared to be alone then to leave him. But then again I don't want to leave him because he makes me happy too.
5. If he doesn't give up his dick this week (he didn't last week either) I'm going to fuck his cousin. My pretty pussy needs to be sucked licked and dipped or I'm going to go insane.  
Depriving ppl of sex can do crazii things to a person.

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