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No head for you

1. Every time I read a secret on here from a woman saying she cheated on her husband and he has no clue, I'm afraid its my wife. 

2. I have had phone sex with another man once and no one but you knows about it. 

3. I was touched by my father when I was 6/7. He would tell me not to tell anyone about it because they wouldn't understand and just think he is sick. 

4. I love pussy. I love it in every form and shape. I love touching pussy, eating pussy, fucking pussy, seeing pussy... I would be having sex 3 times a day if my wifes sex drive wasn't so damn low. 

5. I've been married for 2 years, I haven't had a blow job I can be proud of in 4. I don't miss my exgirlfriend I just miss her mouth. 

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