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Daddy's girl

~in my house we have 2 cats, a chihuahua and my 2 month old nephew. I would trade them all to get my own bullmastiff.
~ive been trying to have a baby for 2 years. im only 15 and I want to be a mom.
~i post on here all the time cuz it feels good to know that I can get some stuff off of my chest.
~being a junior at 15 sucks cuz everyone is getting their cars already. I still have to get my permit.
~im jealous of the random girls my father sleeps with. ive always had a thing for father figures. Yummm...


  1. I got pregnant at 16, I never ever ever wanted kids. I love my daughter who is now one, but I want my childhood back. Believe me, I thought life was not going to get much harder after having a child but its trouble, the baby gets sick and you can't do it alone and all my friends who have kids they don't have dads for their kids. I don't either, the guys go crazy so please think before getting pregnant so young. It soooo hard :( I don't want another teenager to miss ot on theire childhood and have to raise a baby by themselves. Don't do it, you'll be doing yourself a favor..believe me

  2. Speaking from first hand experience. I was a young teen mother now I'm in my late thirties. I gave birth to my first born when I was just fifteen. Looking back I missed out on a lot of good things!!!! Only because I was stuck at home taking care of a baby. Not only did I miss out on good times. Several months into my pregnancy I realized I also had lost most of my friends only because we no longer had anything in common & now in my adult life I still have seldom friends because again there is not much in common there. By the time I was 24 I already had my last & fourth child of course I spaced out my children in age but in reality most women I know now do not have there first child until there like in there early 30's. So every time some one I knew came out pregnant I felt nothing in common because my children of course were older by that time. Even when there children were having there fifth birthday party of course we did not get an invitation because my children were too old to join in the festivies. The sad thing about this whole situation is we were all the same age & I had started my little family way too soon there for had nothing in common with friends I grew up with. I find my self having more things in common with the older mothers that are in there early 60's and now have young adult children and teenagers. Yes this really sucks once you have children early you have to grow up fast and become an adult at the tender age of fifteen :(


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