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Not a great career path in the long term...

1 I recently stopped caring if my husband leaves me or not. We fight so much that i just don't give two shits anymore. He is impossible to keep happy so what's the point in trying anymore.
2 I used to be a nympho and used to fuck three and four times a day, now i really don't care about sex anymore and very rarely even get horny, but i have sex with my husband when he asks and fake an orgasm so he won't bitch.
3 I have realized that if i am ever single again i probably won't seek out anyone to date because i have been in back to back relationships so long that i am fed up with living to please other people and i would be happy being alone.
4 I wish i could catch my husband in the act of cheating so he couldn't lie to make me question it and i could confidently leave him.
5 I have thought about prostituting myself behind his back so that i can have money he doesn't know about to save for when we end up separating so i won't be broke and homeless.

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