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Pay it forward

(1) Every night before I go to bed I try and remember to thank God for letting me live for another day. Each day is lovely and beautiful, and I can't imagine not being thankful for all of the blessings around me :]

(2) My best friends mean the world to me. They're the reasons for my smiles, my laughter, and my happiness. I love them all so much.

(3) Sometimes I like doing little acts of kindness for people. I work at a grocery store, and sometimes when little kids are a couple dollars short I'll give them money from my own pocket. It gives me such an incredible feeling :]

(4) I treasure the guidance and care of my best friend's mom more than any other female adult that I know. She pursues her dreams, is kind to everyone and anyone, and has the most spectacular relationship with her husband. I cannot imagine anyone more beautiful and strong than she is.

(5) Spreading kindness to others really does help. Even if you're sad and alone, just the smallest smile or sparkle in someone's eye is enough to turn your day around. To all who disagree, what sort of world would this be if we didn't smile and appreciate each other once in a while? Whoever is reading this right now, you are beautiful and talented in every way. You deserve the best and only the best in your life. Be happy :]

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