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Prince Charming... Comparatively

<3 my boyfriend proposed to me on the beach Saturday...I'm not sure I'm in love with him. But he treats me great, and he does well in life. Compared to all my ex's he's prince charming...why can't my heart commit?

<3 he's the only guy my parents ever liked. And my little sister thinks he's the best "big brother" ever.

<3 the sex isn't great..there's no foreplay. And he's not very rough with I use my toys a lot!

<3 my ex still texts me...he treated me shitty and lied to me all the time. So I'm wanting to be a total bitch and lead him on then break his heart...but I can't, I remember how much it hurts.

<3 I was the shy unpopular one in high school...but now I run into people who never even spoke to me..and they tell me how much I've changed..def for the better!

<3 Bonus: I would love a three-some!

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