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Gay is just a word

1) ive just left my gf because im fed up with her... Treats me like crap and shes knows she does. Im just a pushover, well was until i ended it. After three years!
2) ive never considered being gay but ive just this guy who is and im really liking him so much. He also doesnt treat me like crap! Ive never considered being gay but i do want him...
3) im confused about why so many people are obsessed lol alrhough thats not a secret =\ but this is... We swapped dirty pics online. I liked it.
4) well i think i suffer from depression, its common in my family and all i want to do is lock myself in my room sometimes but instead i find myself putting on a stupid smile just to appease my mother.
5) well i dont really have another one but i love this app lol.

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