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A safe bet

1. I'm on a boat I eat sleep work on a boat eight months out of a year. Do u know how bad that sucks
2. I try to post secrets all the time and follow the rules. What's up Ms administrator. Oh and if that's u in the pic holding a finger to ur lips I bet ur sexy as hell. Sorry Hun I'm married but if u like women and men holler me and the wife will take care of u.
3. My sister always post on here she knows I'm addicted to this site but some things I just don't wanna know. Lmao
4. I love my wife. She is beautiful but sometimes crazy. She don't trust me and I don't trust her especially when she drinks. I would never hurt her by fucking around. But with me being gone all the time I really don't expect her to remain faithful
5. I make good money but am always broke. It sucks being away from family and never having money after busting ur ass for thirty days. My question is where the fuck is it going


  1. You think # 3 is bad . . . I AM the admin's sister and I post my secrets on the FB page alllll the time. Luckily I usually incorporate a degree of discretion.

    And for your sis, Behave lil Ms. Sailor's Sister! For the Seaman's sake!

  2. Little Ms. Sailor's sister is being good as gold, Nerd Grrl. I love this site and like you said there is a degree of discretion that I use as well. He doesn't recognize ALL my secrets. Thats why they are secrets cuz he doesn't know everything about me. LOL. :)

  3. Hee hee, yes Brother's never know the entire torrid tale, do they? Thank the powers that be for that!!

  4. you know this is the reason i can't tell my family members or all my friends about this site and especially about the forum...if my friends read it they would def know it's me. and those that i did tell i can't write some secrets or comments cause i don't want them to know. sometimes i just tell everybody that i would never post on here. heh heh, but i did...twice!!!


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