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Silent but deadly

1) I was so aggrivated with my boyfriend and a friend of mine today.  My friend, *B* hung out with me all day today.  When it was time for my boyfriend, *C* to get off work *B* would not leave.  She hung around and hung around.  I was so mad cause she wouldn't leave and let me spend time with *C*.

2) When *B* finally left it was only because she found a man that she thought she could get some dick from tonight.  When he didn't really show much interest in her to begin with I thought it was so funny.  I didn't tell her that, but it was. She kept coming in and out of the room where I was cause he would not pay her any attention.

3)  Once *B* finally left to chase a booty call, *C* decided he was going to leave too.  Well, I was furious cause I felt like he was just following *B* to see if anything was going to happen with her and the booty call.(A dude she just met)  However, *C* came back into the room and said "Thanks for letting me go hang out with the guys a minute and not bitch at me.  My ex would have been all over me about leaving her."  Well, I didn't care if he went to hang out with the guys.  I felt bad about feeling the way I did after he said that.

4) I thought *B* was acting like a real whore and I felt like she was trying to get up on my man.  I was starting to really get pissed at her.  Of course the whole time no one can tell anything is even wrong with me cause I don't voice when I am really mad.

5) Although my man, *C* told me that nothing would ever happen with *B* I still don't trust her.  I am at work now and *C* called me to let me know he was going to bed.  He told me he knew where *B* was and that she was safe with someone.  Okay that really made me start thinking they were together.  Mmm, I sure hope not cause I will cut a bitch for messing with my man.  And after I cut her I will cut his dick off and hand it to her. Since she liked it so much to take it from a friend she may want to keep it as a souvenir of the last day we were friends.

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