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Skinny wishing

1) I posted here a while ago, saying that I am insecure, and that I lack confidence. Because I took the admin's advice, I have found out that alot of people have liked me, they just never brought it to my attention. It actually put a big smile on my face, and made me happy.

2) I know that I am going to die alone, but I just want to know (before I die) that I made a difference in this world.

3) my mom has slowed down her drinking, and I love it.  I want her to completely stop, but I am afraid to be disappointed.

4) I want my dad to walk me down the aisle; even though he has walked out of my life when I was 15, and my mom calls me shallow for wanting this.

5)I want the body, that it skinny (not too skinny) but still has curves. I secretly want that body, becuase I have never known what it is to be like to be skinny...

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