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1. It's going to be a year for me and my happy we made it this far but if only you how much we have been through in just onee year..i guess tht is kinda a good thing that we lasted a year through all that shitt.
2. i feel bad for my bf nd his brothers nd sister sometimes becuz he nd his sibilings just have a mother nd the mother rather go do her hair thn buy clothes for her kids especially my bf. i buy him stuff he needs likee clothes mostly for him because he is tryin to find a job cuz he feels bad me buying himm stuff, he doesnt even like me buying him stuff cuz he cant get me anything yetg..but idc.
3. i got pregnant at the age 16, i was forced to havee a abortion because nobody wanted it but me nd everybody was alwyz fighting me on keeping the baby so i gavee in which made everybody happy..
4. i stil wish i had kept my baby becuz tht is all i think about now, i cryed almost everynite aftr the abortion, itgs been a long time now, so i dnt think about it as jus bothers me alot.
5. What i hate the most is being cheated on, myh current bf has never done anything wit anybody he has jus talked to 3 other girls sayiin he wanted to meet thm and shitt nd calliin thm baby nd stuff like tht..i still dnt trust him to this day which is rele bad, this is why im suprised we made it to a year together a rele ruff year. not only tht but the fact tht he doesnt trust me for no reason cus i have never cheated on himm nd i will never cus i knw how it feels..he has changed alot nd i hope he stays this way, he just needs to get his lieing and we would have such a nice relationship.

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