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Someone found a friend

1. I love being a cougar, but I don't like that term. It is derogatory.
2. I want to meet cougar bait.
3. My pussy gushed when I read that he liked my previous posts and wanted me.
4. I am obsessed with this website and can't get through the workday without checking in a few times....and then a few more. lol
5. I want people who know me to recognize me on this website and ask if it is me.
*bonus* K, please give cougar bait my email address....

[Note from admin: My bad... I thought a cougar was just a hottie who happened to be over 35... Should've checked urban dictionary first...]


  1. Ha Ha, K! I couldn't tell you didn't know the meaning of the feline slang. Yeah Cougars got cool a few years ago. The new site layout looks really good. :)

  2. Hey Cougar Bait -- She is serious. I have her contact info, so if you wanty, come and getty.

  3. Thanks K for the comment. I had the same idea.

  4. I got your post with your email address and the email you gave me is an invalid address. If you want to hear from her send me an email from an address that works, otherwise it's not going to happen. I'm not putting up any more posts for the purpose of hooking you two up. And to anyone else who has the same idea, forget it. This takes way too much time. I put up a discussion forum for a reason. Use it.

  5. LOL. Rock on K. This isn't a dating service.

  6. In fact, Here is a discussion topic on the forum just for those lusting after Five Secrets posters. Create a fake ID to protect your privacy if you wish and find your dish! Creating an account really is super easy, none of your personal info shows until or unless you change your settings, and the info required to register is so minimal it takes just a couple minutes tops.

  7. Thanks Nerd Grrl. Thanks K. C.

  8. You're welcome & sorry it's not working out.


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