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Do you hate your soul too?

1.  Old (I mean 70+) people gross me out and piss me off.  I'm an ageist but unfortunately I work in an office that caters to a lot of them.  It's much harder to be a ageist than a racist because in the end you wind up hating yourself unless you die young.

2.  Despite my fear of becoming one of them I don't want to kill myself like so many on here claim to want.  Quit being such a coward and do something about your life if it's so bad!  No one feels bad for someone who just complains ALL the time!

3.  My brother is an ex-con addict who is considering marrying a bi polar woman.  She scares me because of her codependence and want to scream at him "run for your life" but I can't because he is sober for the first time in years.

4.  I detest my inlaws and secretly am terrified that my daughter will gain influence from them.  They are not only rude and ugly but just plain tacky and pretty white trash.

5. Not that I'm perfect, but I value things that people seem to neglect these days like manners, ettiquate, and punctuality (not to mention cleanliness!!).  My in laws do not even though they have about 40 years on me.  I guess I just have an old soul...  

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