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1. I've been reading this site for about two or three days now. I've finally got up enough nerve to pst something. When I was younger I was always the cutest little girl out of me, my older brother and my older sister. everyone always wanted to watch me or take me places. . . .the only reason y was because my sis and bro were in school. As the years went on it began to fade away. I'm now sixteen n have major self esteem problems.

2. I'm about 5'1 260 pounds. . . . Some say I don't look like I weigh that much because I have curves to where most of the weight is at. I've never had a bf and I'm afriad I wont find one. The reason for that is because every boy I've had a crush on ALWAYS likes my older sister. People say we look like twins but dudes always stare at her more. I just wish I could get more attendtion from the opposite sex,I don't mean that I want to have everyone staring at me so no one stares at her but I wish someone would look at me for a change.

3. I'm very sensitive when I get quiet that means somethings wrong n I want to talk. . . .I always try to talk to my older sis, but everything never comes out. Once when we were talking I found out that she is jealous of me for being prettier and I told her that I was jealous of her for being so like able.

4. I hope I don't end up like my mom,she n my dad split up when I was prob three he remarried when I was bout four n had six more kids. The lady he married is real nice and she treats me my older side n bro like we were hers. I don't call her my step mom I call her my mom cause she practically is. I wish sometimes I was her actual kid cause my grandparents are dochebag, they take care of other peopl better than us. We have another sis by our mom(not the reason for the divorce ) she stays with them n she's a spoiled brat.our aunt who's my mom sis has a girl who's five almost six who they spoil to death. Every christmas that comes they get all these cool things n we get pajamas. They're startin to open up but they still use us n don't give us shi_ bout us. Sure they take us places at time but they only do it so we can watch our little sis. When we go they act stingy wit they're money, its like come on y'all spend money on stupid junk.

5. I plan on losing some weight and gain confidence, I just pray dat I keep to the plan. I also hope to stop worrying and caring bout wat others think, I want to become a new person before turning 17 this november. . . Wish me luck :-)

thanks for readin <3

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