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Still working on a migraine cure

1) I love five secrets.  It's a way to destress.  If it only got rid of migraines.

2) I wish that more people would comment on stuff here.  I enjoy seeing what other people have to say about my secrets.  I should start commenting more and start a trend.

3) As much as I love my child I really don't want to go home to the whining when I get off work.  It drives me insane. Nothing makes that baby happy.

4) I go to work to get a break from everything.  Feels strange that my job is the only time I can really be me. Wait, I don't really know who 'me' is. Wish life were just a little easier for me and my little one.  I get stressed and baby senses that stress. I am sure that is what causes most of the fussiness cause all my baby's needs are taken care of.

5) I wish I could find out what direction I need to take in life.  I am completely lost.  If anyone knew how confused I was about some things right now they would probably send me to a mental institution.

Why can I only write 5?  Guess that's why they call it FIVE-secrets.  I could say so much more.  Maybe I will submit and write again.  Who knows.

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  1. Confusion is not the same as crazy. I once seriously thought I was going crazy, but everyone told me that if I think I'm going crazy and aware of it then I'm really not crazy. Being confused doesn't warrant being put in a mental institution. We all feel a little lost sometimes. Give it time, your brain will sort things out and you'll be fine.


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