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You need acceptance from yourself

* I am addicted to five-secrets.  I can't stop posting here.  It helps me get things out that I can't tell anyone else.
* I wish I didn't need the acceptance of men to make me feel like more of a woman.  It doesn't matter what the age, if they are cute and show any interest in me, I am all on it.
* In fact tonight I had an older man that was hitting on me and I agreed to hang out with him.  I have seen him around for many months, but never really talked to him.  He is very handsome so I wouldn't mind spending time with him.  I asked him if he was married and he said 'no'.  Well, come to find out the internet is great for lots of things.  He is married.  I am more upset that he lied about it than I am that he is married.  I don't care that he is married.  I would still have talked to him.  Not so sure I want to now cause he lied about it.
* I saw a much younger guy I haven't seen in 10 years tonight.  Craziness is that he delivered my pizza.  Wow, he was not the 12 year old boy I remember.  He was so grown up and looking hot.  Anyways, he told me how hot I was and that he wanted to call me.  He asked could he have my number.  I gave it to him. Well, he ended up stopping by when he got off work.  Once again I was so happy that he was interested in me and showing me attention.  We hung out for about 3 hours.  Before the time was over, I gave him a blowjob and we made plans to meet again and continue.
* I wish I had the body to be a stripper.  If I did I would never have to worry about another bill getting paid. I would love that job.  Although some people find it degrading, I think a woman's body is the most beautiful thing. Stripping is an art form in my eyes.
* Bonus:  I so want to have sex with my married boss.  I don't care that he is married, I am not asking for commitment, I am asking for a good lay.

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