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Who needs a sex toy?

1. Once when I was broke I had sex with someone for 100$. The idea of being paid for sex has turned me on for years but I never had the guts to go through with it. The guy was 20 yrs older than me (I'm 24) and had a little dick but fullfilling my fantasy of being paid was enough to make me cum.
2. I don't think I can count how many men I have slept with... probably 40-50.
3. I have fantasies of a guy keeping me in sexy outfits and making me fuck him and his friends whenever they want. Almost every time I masterbate I think about someone making me spread my legs and fingering me while their friends watch and then sucking dick til they cum.
4. I'm a really good friend to my friends (now) and a lot of people really trust and respect me. I've worked hard at becoming a good person. In the past I was really messed up. I burnt a lot of bridges.
5. I'm enjoying being single. I'm a pretty good looking chick and I have been having great luck meeting men lately. I think as soon as I get #3 out of the way ill be ready to settle down.

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