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Friday, July 2, 2010

Have you ever heard of polyamory?

1) i am divorced because i couldn't be faithful to my x-wife, but the truth is i didn't want to. She never understood desire, me, or what it was like to be in the spotlight. She was already old when i was the older one,so  lost in the future that today never existed. I feel shame when i look at our daughter,but not for cheating but for not suffering through it like other real men did. I got caught but it was just a matter of time, we all know it!
2)I love sex so much that it has been my main focus through life, if i focused on study, work or anything else as much as getting laid and women i would be a millionaire.
3) I left the last girl for lack of sex and non satisfaction, and now the new girl who used to fuck like a porn star i mean cumming on her face twice in a hotel room giving a new meaning to the word frosted doesn't want to have sex besides missionary, won't blow me and i constantly masturbate to thoughts of the last girl which gets me harder than fucking her.
4) since I've stopped smoking doing drugs and drinking, no hard drugs though, my sex drive has gone down so much. Maybe its the girl or both but i do want to fuck everyday i wanna fuck right now while typing and would do anything for pussy. I pick heavier girls so i don't get turned down but now even they seem taken. i just need to fuck!!!
5) i have gotten four women pregnant and three of them have had abortions, I have lost so much and spent so much time making them feel okay about it and not thinking of myself. the one i am with is one of them and i am so unhappy but i feel stuck.

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