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They start so young these days dad thinks I don't know about his love affairs but I really do. He sleptt with so many people one of them was my babysitter. Idk what to say to my mom do I tell her or not.

2.i think. I'm in love with my best friend. I mean we always had feelings for eachother but never really went out. I told him that I want more than just friendship. He said oh, and ever since then we don't really talk. Oh yeah my sister asked him out. But he rejected her :)

3.I'm not a virgin and I'm only 13. I had sex with someOne 17,and that was my next door neighbor. Everytime he come over he slaps my ass. Oh yeah he is my sisters boyfriend. grandma has cancer,and she doesn't know it. The reason why Is because she doesn't know English , so the doctor told my uncles about the cancer. They don't want to tell her they think it's gonna make her condition even worse. When I visit her I just want to scream " you have cancer." but I can't.

5. I never really had a real bf. I never had someone that loved me. All of the ones I had just wanted to have sex with me. I mean I love sex but I like them to care about me.

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