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Fuck you very much

1) i had my first boyfriend and i gave it all to him. He was my bestfriend and now that were not going out anymore, we act like were still good friends. But my opinion about him has changed. Fuck him and what he did to me.

2) i fucking hate his new girlfriend. She was the reason why we split. She looks all innocent but i know she is a whore. She stole the one guy whom i gave my life to. I hope karma gets her back big time.

3) my so called friends annoy me. because of them, i learned how to be a two-faced bitch, and im surprisingly good at it. Thanks for the care and support fuckers.

4) now that im slowly moving on, i met this guy and he's a help forgetting about my ex. But he is so different and im not used to it. He is nice and a gentleman but i dont know if its only an act. He can be a little bit too "close" to me but i like his affection. however, i cant help but compare him to my ex boyfriend.

5) i decided to give it a try to this guy i like, if ever he likes me back. But i promised to myself not to give everything this time. I want to be respected therefore i need to have control and discipline within myself. I take relationships seriously but i do get hurt easily even if i have my own pride.

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