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Better than going through an extreme faze of hatred

1. I still like my ex a lot. I don't think she notices though. Even if she did it wouldn't work out. I'm positive of it. I don't think I'll ever be happy I go through mild states of depression often enough .
2. I really wanna have sex girl to see if it's as good as it looks.
3.I like girls alot ,even more than boys but I don't really wanna be a lesbian but as I'm aware of, I don't really have a choice in the matter. I don't  think I'm there yet but it's bound to happen.I have very low self esteem and I feel very ugly. Even though boyfriends and others have told me I'm pretty.
4.for some reason and I don't exactly know why but I've had a crush or an extream faze of infatuation with almost all my friends. It usually just happens and most of the time I get over it but sometimes I don't. I never tell them at the moment but there is a few that I have told and they prolly would have done something with me even though they are supposedly straight.
5. I had sex with a 17 year old when I was 14. 

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