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Scorched earth

1. i masturbate every chance i get by lying down on my bed and dry humping the matteress while writing gay sex stories. i have been doing this since i was 12, and go through 3 spiral notebooks a week.

2. When i was 13 a neighbor,who was 65, whose yard i used to cut through to get home after school, found one of my notebooks when my backpack zipper broke. i got home realized my notebook was gone and retraced my steps back through his yard. He was waiting having found my notebook, and used it to blackmail me into being his sex slave. Everyday after school for 3 years i had to go to his house, strip naked, and do whatever he said. He made me perform oral sex on him, submit to having anal sex, and he woul do things like make me wear a dog collar so he could lead me around by a leash, tie me up and whip me with a belt or spank me. He demanded i was naked all the time, even when he had friends over, making me have sex with them..... and i loved it.

3. Ten years ago i told a lie that got a coworker fired. He had a family, lost his home, and they had to live in their car. i didn't mean for it to happen but i got scares and was protecting myself. When i found out they were blaming him i didn't aay anything...i feel terrible about it.

4. When i was 10, i started a fire that burned 12 acres of an oilfield. It was an accident, i was smoking a cigarette and tossed it into a bush without putting it out properly. An old homeless guy went to jail for it.

5. When i was 16, i beat up a school mate and forced him to perform oral sex on me almost everyday for a year. 

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