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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Once bitten twice shy

1)My ex neighbor and I used to be fucking buddies for quite a while, she moved away last year and we lost touch, she used to bring her friends around everyonce in a while and, it never failed, I would end up having secret sexual relationships with them behind my neighbors back.

2) when I was 16 I fucked a 19 year old girl who I seriously am madly in love with. I had the chance to be with her forever and I blew it off for my ex gitl friend, the 19 year old now has a baby and lives with baby daddy, I hate that mother fucker.

3). I wish I could bang my homeboys mom so bad, oh the things I would do to that woman.

4)I wish I could be a successfull music artist

5) all my songs are about my ex girlfriens who broke my heart and practically corrupted me. I continue to write about her, the thing is that I'm back with her and I can't seem to find the love I had for her. She says she's serious and I am too but I just can't open up to love her like I used to, I know I still do.

[Admin Oops: Sorry for not tagging this/putting a title on it originally. There were a LOT of secrets to post that day & I screwed up!]

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