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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breakup blues

1) I still am in LOVE with my ex boyfriend...

2) he has been my first boyfriend and i am sure we had something real. things got bad during our 9 months together and that was also when he started getting close to this other girl.

3) i hate how this girl stole him from me, she knew we were going out and she was my friend too. I trusted them both.

4) two months after we broke up, they started going out and after two months she broke up with him. What killed me was that i was slowly moving on but he ran to me for help. I didnt want to show i was affected but i secretly hoped that we can maybe get back together.

5) 2 days after they broke up, he txted me and told me they were back together again. He really loves her even if they just started going out. It really really hurts me a lot. But i dont want to show it to anyone. Not even to my bestfriends...

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