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Thursday, July 8, 2010

At least someone got a raise

(1) I hooked my friend up with a guy that I had messed around with multiple times. I'm a bi guy, the only problem is that they are dating now. She has no clue.
(2) I had sex with my brothers girl friends younger brother..we were both young at the time.
(3)I'm bi but I usually hook up with married men..I'm so serious.
(4) I get aroused at work a lot because I have the biggest crush on my boss.
(5) about two or three years ago a woman I had sex with had an abortion, partcially because she didn't know if it was mine or her ex boyfriends. I always use protection but the condom broke. I not sure what to make of the last secret I guess I kinda just tried to forget about it..but I think about it here and there..  

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