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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Been there, done that

I'm inlove with my ex...and my bestfriends don't even know.

Everyone hates my ex but I still like him 

I'm inlove with this new guy too.. But it won't work.

I hate it when people take advantages of me. 

I bestfriend says I have badluck with guys...truth be told I'd bet money on that.

Ps: I think I might get back with my ex.. But not tell anyone bc they hate him..

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  1. Yeah, I have an ex like that. Well, I care about him now but not in love with him anymore. However, when I did leave him I was still in love with him. I just knew things were not going to work out between the two of us and everyone around me hated him. I couldn't hang out with friends because none of my friends liked him. I couldn't go to family events because none of my family liked him. That is not the only reason we broke up. There were many reason that I am not going to mention but the fact that everyone hates your ex makes for a wild ride. I promise that. You will spend your whole days defending him. It may be best for you to simply move on. Whether that be alone or with this new guy. There's no reason you can't find someone that is completely compatible with you in all ways. As much as it hurts to leave a person that you love but is not good for you, you still need to do what is going to be best for you and not think about anyone else's opinion. I tried to hide my ex for awhile but it gets old trying to come up with excuses why you can't hang out with a friend or be around your family or why you are never home yet you don't tell anyone where you are. It gets very old trying to keep a man a secret. Good luck with whatever decision you make. Think about what is going to make you most happy.


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