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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Being different and being angry: both choices

1. I'm in love with my ex but I feel she's toying 
with my emotions. I'm a girl
2. I wish tht I was really skinny like almost anorexic so ppl
Will like me so I try to starve myself and take laxitives.
3. I want to have sex so bad...I'm a virgin but I'm horny a lot. I just want a dude
to fuck me all night and hard.
4. Ppl at school think I'm weird cuz I'm diffrent and sometimes I don't fit in and it makes me angry tht ppl treat me like shit so I imagine tht I'm a school shooter getting revenge.
5. I think Im starting to hate my dad. He doesn't accept who I am and I feel like an outcast with him my stepmom and brothers.....its cuz I'm diffrent. Ugh my dad is Sooo judgemental it makes me sick!!! 

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