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Weak is just a word

I am 18 and has only had sex with one girl, was saving myself for the special one, but we recently broke up.

I had never even kissed anyone the way she kissed me our first time, everything was great between.

Our sex life was great she taught me things, haha, and i learned very quick!

She loves her ex still, she broke up with me once before to be with him, and i never left her side, and when things went downhill between them, i was there. We started to date again, but i screwed it up. 

I hope the break up isnt about her ex again, cause i know she loves him, but she wants to be with me. She said we just need time. I still cry myself to sleep, does that make me weak?

BONUS~~ I love 5 secrets, get so much off my chest.

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