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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Believable lies

1. I am really good at turning myself into a believable version of who the people around me want me to be. I am a dangerous combination of book smart and street smart. I take advantage of people around me in ways that they would never suspect.
2. Because of #1 I have a wonderful mix of men in my life that I keep on rotation. Right now there are about 6 of them and I go out with a different one every other night. The men love that I'm not "clingy" and still maintain my own life and do very well for myself. I own my own home, my car is paid off and I have had a great job for the past 6 years.  The men that I date are also successful and just believe that our schedules keep us apart from time to time. (I'm 27yrs old and told I'm beautiful often. I'm sure it dosent hurt my game at all).
3. There is a man who I was seeing a lot but he left for a better job. He IS absolutely who I want. He fit in every way I never knew I always wanted. I was Myself w him and he loved me for it. I can't wait to see him again.
4.  I have a fantasy of having sex w strangers. I doubt I could actually do it but when I masterbate that's what I think about.
5.  My friends from opposite sides of my life know me as 2 different ppl. I fear the day the worlds collide but sometimes I introduce them to eachother just waiting for the explosion.... hasn't happened yet.

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