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Bikini girl

1. I think I'm starting to like my friend's ex. I know it's horrible because he treated her like shit, but last night he IMed me and we get along really well. Right now I don't think I would ever get with him, but that could change.
2. I'm a major creeper. I add people on Facebook that I don't even know, but know of and have mutual friends with, and if they accept my request, I look at all of their pictures whenever I'm bored. I don't intend to do anything to them, it's just something to occupy me whenever I'm bored. Oh, and sometimes I talk to them on chat just to see if they say something back.
3. I really want to try pot, but I haven't told any of my friends because they are all very anti-pot. I've never actually seen it or been near it, but if I ever was I would totally smoke it.
4. I'm straight, but girls in bikinis on shopping websites kind of turn me on. I have no interest in getting with a girl, kissing one, or doing anything else with one. In fact, I'm probably the boy-crazy person you'll ever meet. Girls in bikinis just turn me on and I don't know why.
5. I really want to be rich, so I can be a deb, go to a really expensive camp, buy all the cute stuff I can't afford, take trips to foreign countries a lot, and be in a sorority in college. I went to a private school from when I was 3 to 8th grade, and a bunch of the girls who went there were rich and get to do  all those things. I'm not poor, but I'm middle class and one of the poorer girls at my old school. I always say I hate rich people, but I secretly want to be like them. I know I have more than a lot of people, but I just really want to be rich.  

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