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Guys do like sex

1. I'm in love with this guy but I'm not sure if he's right for me. People say we look cute together, and we should go out. People tell me to ask him out but I think it's weird(no offence to girls who do it I admire you bc I don't have the guts to do it)

2. My best friend is amazing, I love her to death!

3. I sometimes wonder what wud happen if I disappeared. Not nessicaraly die but I just would like to see what would happen if I was gone for a couple a days.

4) I'm 13 and I'm not a virgin... Although I wish I was bc thebguy I lost my virginity to is a complete jerk and I can't belive I went out with him.

5)the guy I like is amazing, but sometimes I think he only likes me back just to have sex... :/

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