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Friday, July 9, 2010

Confused indeed

1. I'm one of the most confused 17 year old girl to ever live. I don't love my ex but he loves me. He broke up with me and I could care less but I can't watch him go. I already talk to 4 other guys, but he doesn't know. I know he can get another girl in a minute, but I don't want him too. And I cheated on him twice.

2. My other ex broke up with me two years ago. I began loving him but he was impatient with the whole sex thing, except we dated for two months and never spoke of the subject. Now he's in love with me, regrets what he did and wants me back. I'm just afraid that all he wants is sex...again.

3. I'm so over protective of my friends and I'm very jealous of the boys I like. I hide the jealousy, but my friends know about being over protective. I got mad at one for smoking and I got mad at the other for getting drunk, sucking a guys dick, letting him finger her and letting him put it in once. I think they are disgusting sluts, justlike most of the drinking/smoking girls at my school.

4. I think I hate everyone. And I hate myself too, at least my looks. I don't appreciate a lot of things and I tend to lie a lot. I tried commiting suicide by overdosing and eating things I'm highly allergic to but no luck. I think everyone hates me because I'm ugly and fat but I weigh 110lbs and everyone thinks I'm pretty. I just want everything because that's when I'll be happy.

5. I'm a virgin; never sucked a dick or got fingered. Nothing sexual has ever happened, but I love meeting people in chat rooms and exchanging dirty pictures. I touch myself a lot but I love watching girls get eaten out by girls. I want to try it one time but I'm 100% straight.

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