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1. I wish that just one day a man could touch my face and me not push away.  I have really bad facial hair and I have to shave it every day.  So therefore my face feels like a man.  What guy wants to touch a girls face and feel like he touching a man? I have tried everything from electrolosis to waxing to shaving.  Nothing works so I continue to shave so that you can't see it but you can still feel it.

2. I am over 30 and I still suck my thumb on a regular basis.  Every time I have a serious boyfriend I always tell them that when I get really tired I may put my thumb in my mouth while I am asleep just so if they wake up and see me they think it's just me doing it in my sleep.  Truth is I suck my thumb every chance I get when I am alone.

3. I love the smell of my own pussy.  When I masturbate I always smell my dildo afterwards or if I use my fingers I smell my fingers.  I don't know what it is but I love the smell of my own pussy.  I have been with girls before and it wasn't the same.  I like eating pussy but no one's pussy smells like my own.

4. I am turned on by the idea of being raped.  When I have sex I love to get my hair pulled.  I love to be spanked during sex.  I like it really rough. I just had sex with a guy much younger than myself a few nights ago and I still have a hand print on my ass where he hit me.  I loved it.

5. The louder I am during sex the less I am getting out of it.  If I am making lots of noise and talking alot it's simply because I want the guy to think I have gotten off so that he will hurry up and finish.  I am multiorgasmic but only if I can get off fast the first time.  If it takes me a long time to get off I give up and get frustrated so I fake it.

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