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Friday, July 9, 2010

Lazy but dedicated

R- i am a fifteen year old bisexual female, and i just recently came out to my parents. I mean, my parents dont treat me much different, but we also didnt spend much time talking about it, so now we all act like nothing happened. Oh well..i rather them forget about it than judge me.

O- i lost my virginity at 13 to a boy that i completely, and whole-heartedly loved. I know, i know. Your all probably (sp?) saying to yourself, "what the hell does a 13 year old girl know about love?" Well i suppose thats true..he was my first, real boyfriend. He was also my longest relationship at the time; 8 months. But if it wasnt love, than it was a truly amazing, unexplainable feeling that i have never felt before in my life. I was also very mature for my age; still am. Most of my boyfriends have been older than me. (by older, i mean a couple years) At the time i was an 8th grader who was so ready to get out of middle school. The drama, drama, drama, and all of the immature bullshit just made me sick. Lol anyways, (ha i totally got off topic) i did losep my virginity at the age 13, and i was completely ready. So therefore, i have no regrets(:

T- I always knew that i was a pretty lazy person, but i never realized exactly how lazy i was until about the middle of my freshman year.
1. I started to do nothing everyday but go to school, come home, then sleep. Except id go out on my fridays and weekeneds and stay at my friends house.
2. Summer started last month, and ive spent just about everyday in bed. No, im not a loser and yes, i have friends:p Its just i hate spending an hour of my day doing my hair, when i could be laying my bed, watching movies, and of course, checking out this lovely website;D (im such a kiss ass<3)
3. People make plans with me, and i agree to hangout with them on that day, but when that day comes, i always come up with some rediculous lie or excuse just to get out of doing it. Sometimes i make up such stupid lies, i dont think before i say them. Some of them have a little wiggle room..if that makes since. Haha.
So out of all that explaining, and stupid bullshit, (that probably made you bored out your mind, and im sorry for that) the main point to all of this that i dont get up and do anything unless in seriously, 100% motivated to do it, and thats pretty rare.

F- Im a smoker. I smoke only weed and cigarettes, and the only time i smoke weed is if im at my friends house for the weekened. We throw are own little parties, with just 3 people. Its very nice(: ive popped pills a couple times and i snorted coke, but only once, and im pretty sure that it wasnt even coke because i didnt even catch a buzz. I dont plan on doing anything more. Weed is pretty much all that i need to party. Oh, and alcohol. Cant forget the alcohol:p Btw, my parents have no idea, and i dont understand how. I smoke everyday in my room:p ha, oh well. What they dont know, wont hurt them.

L- The reason i wear baggyass clothes all time, is only because i think im fat and i dont want people to see. I have no self-confidence whatsoever.

P.s. i just found this website yesterday, and i love itttt<3

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