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Crazy I guess

1. I am a 37 years old Average looking Not so successful White guy Who never had Very much luck with the ladies, Until one day my friend, Who is a 25 year old stripper Told me she Has been secretly wanting me Since we met three years ago.

2. I never really looked at her In a sexual way Because I Always thought she was out of my league, And because she was always in a relationship, so Even though I was not necessarily Attracted to her, and it meant she would be cheating on the guy she was living with, and knowing fucking her would consequently  change our friendship forever, I did it anyway.

3. Her man called at the exact time we were walking into the bedroom, she put the phone on silent, and we fucked, she seemed to enjoy it, while  I found it awkward  and uncomfortable.

4. immediately after she called her man back to confirm his suspicions, he took the news much harder then expected by sobbing uncontrollable, and threatening  suicide, and then after a lot of crying and screaming back and forth on the phone, he fired a warning shot in the air to show us he was serious, we then called the cops and stayed on the phone with him until they came, he was arrested and was held on suicide watch  for a week... she moved in with me that night.

5. It turned out we were not compatible, but I stayed with her because she was hot, and she was generous  with her money, but she was very  needy, and I knew if I allowed myself to become attached she would hurt me the same way we hurt her ex,so after a year of living together unhappily, she finally found someone new, and moved in with the next day.


She has been with this guy for 7 months now, she says she has never been happier, so now I want her back, I have been making their lives a living hell everyday now for months, she hates me, swears she will never talk to me again, she fears me, yet I still stalk her all the time, I tell her, you don't have to be with me, but you can't be with him, and it seems the more stunts I pull, the closer they become, but I am obsessed, I can't seem to control myself, it is a Real problem for everyone involved, I never knew I could be this dangerous, I should be in jail right now for some of the crazy shit I have done, and plan on still doing, and the funny thing about it all is, I would never take her back, EVER! So why am I doing this?

I really don't know why, just crazy I guess.

[Admin here -- This post seems to be an elaboration on Every Girl's Dream Come True. I'm not positive because the styles of writing are different, but the story is so similar it seems unlikely that it's two different people. Normally I reject repeats, but I thought this one was sort of interesting so voila. And to Mr. Stalker -- it's not your imagination that they seem to get closer the crazier you act. By stalking them and trying to force them to break up, you only make them that much more determined to stay together. You'd probably be a lot happier if you channeled all that revenge-y energy into something that isn't such an exercise in frustration... and hopefully also less sociopathic. Sorry it didn't work out between you two. There are other fish in the sea. --K]

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